The applied research in IOEL is directed toward understanding and analysis of optical phenomena, design and development of new optical / electro-optical systems, modeling and characterization of micro and nanostructures deposited on optical glass and evaluating and measuring optical and photometric parameters. In this context the research activity in IOEL, as a center of excellence for PRO OPTICA and affiliated group of companies, is oriented in particular to address their research needs, and also to other companies and research entities. Research is directed to:
- application based on physical phenomena of optics;
- advanced detection systems, command and control and sensor-based multispectral image analysis;
- development of complex electro optic systems;
- performance improvement of observation systems in the visible and IR spectrum, including in difficult conditions;
- use of new materials and technologies in optics and electro optics in order to promote systems with superior performances, dimensions, weights and lower costs.