PRO OPTICA's Excellence Center
L3 - Laboratory of Physics and Technology of Optical Surfaces
Head of the laboratory: Scientific Researcher, Dr. Adrian RIZEA
        Former Optical Coatings Laboratory of   PRO OPTICA S.A.,  the Laboratory of Physics and Technology of Optical Surfaces has the benefit of over 40 years of experience in the field of optical coatings and, because of S.C. IOEL S.A. is a part of PRO OPTICA  group, the capabilities of the laboratory consists, mainly, in:
        - Coating machines:
Leybold Heraeus - L560Balzers - BAK550Balzers - BA500Dreyer - B55.3
Leybold Heraeus coating machine Balzers - BAK550 Balzers - BA500 Dreyer - B55.3

        - Coating design software: Strat V6.2; ATTOL (Applied Theory of Thin Optical Layers)
        - Optical measurement devices: spectrophotometers (Perkin Elmer; Beckman DK-2A); photometers (Spectra Pritchard)
        - Other testing devices: LASERSCOPE (Romanian patent for testing the resistance of optical surfaces exposed to high power density radiation); Abrasion Test - device for testing of the durability of the optical surfaces under severe or moderate abrasion, according to MIL C-675C
        - Other tools and laboratory equipments

        Our offer consists, mainly, in design and small production of high performant optical coatings, from visible up to near infrared spectral domain. In the table below, we present some examples from different tipes of optical coatings, designed and executed in this laboratory:
Antireflection coatingsFiltersMirrors
Antireflection [400 700]nm (theoretical)
Long wavelength pass filter (theoretical)
Laser mirror [570 710]nm (theoretical)
Laser mirror
Antireflection [400 700]nm (measured)
Long wavelength pass filter (measured)
Laser mirror [950 1160]nm (theoretical)
Laser mirror

Beam splittersPolarizing beam splittersNon-polarizingeam beam splitters
Neutral beam splitter plate (theoretical)
Polarizing cube (theoretical)
Non-polarizing plate (theoretical)

        As the former "Optical Coatings Laboratory" of PRO OPTICA S.A., many orders from renowned international partners (AGFA - USA and Belgium, Aselsan - Turkey, Lord - France etc.) have been completed.
        Also, as a part of production process in PRO OPTICA S.A., in this laboratory have been performed all optical coatings for the military products that consists in a wide range of night and day vision monoculars, binoculars, telemeters, systems of surveillance, target acquisition and fire control etc.

        Research projects:
        ARTEC is a research project launched with the aim to obtaining a performant wide range antireflection optical coating. This project is contracted with a strategic partner from Romania and partialy funded by the UEFISCDI, a branch of the Romanian Ministry of Research.
        Besides the permanent concern to improve current optical coatings technologies, last years, in collaboration with laboratories from some national research institutes and universities, we began to explore new optical and electro-optical phenomena occurring on micro- and nano-structured surfaces and, more than this, we are concerned about the posibilities to execute such optical surfaces.

        In the images below we are presented a composite micro-structure, transformed from the initial SU8 polymer cones, achieved from the IMT (first image), to a composite cylinders structure, by adding a TiO2 "shirts", using PVD technique (next images):
composite micro-structure composite micro-structure composite micro-structure

        Other researches were directed to obtain an electro-optic structure, having electronic properties as a memresistor. The project was headed by the Chair of Physics from the Faculty of Applied Sciences of University Politehnica of Bucharest. The component is presented in the picture below.