IOEL VISION: To become a major research institution in the field of electrooptics for Security and Defence domain in Romania and a well known and trusted partner in Europe.

        IOEL MISSION: To develop and carry out applied research in its field, in partnership with other prominent research organization, mainly in the benefit of PRO OPTICA and affiliated companies as main customers, and also for other private or public companies. Continuous innovation and increasing competitiveness of the research activity must create in the long run a stable position on European market for IOEL, PRO OPTICA and affiliated companies.
      POSITIONING & DIFFERENTIATION: IOEL is the sole research organization in Romania together with strong and dynamic SMEs acting in defense and security domain. These SMEs generates R&D needs for IOEL, are highly interested in results, provide funding and are directly concerned on technological transfer. FUNDING for projects: National and International R&D Framework Programmes, Structural Funds, or by the PRO OPTICA group of companies.